Our French for Absolute Beginners course syllabus provides a first contact with the language for those students with no previous knowledge or studied it a long time ago. The syllabus is based on different topics that will help you get by when meeting French speaking people. At the same time, it introduces the workings and sounds of the language and it provides the necessary tools to enable students to make sentences from scratch.



Course content will include Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and all possible sentences necessary in basic conversation scenarios such as:

  • Week 1 Gender and number
  • Week 2 Verbs “avoir” and “etre”
  • Week 3 Present tense
  • Week 4 Questions
  • Week 5 Possessive Adjectives
  • Week 6 Negative sentences
  • Week 7 Get by in French
  • Week 8 Making Friends
  • Week 9 Asking for and giving personal information
  • Week 10 Out and About
  • Week 11 Asking for and giving directions
  • Week 12 Home from Home
  • Week 13 At the hotel
  • Week 14 Restaurants and bars



           基礎法文14:00-16:00 會話/閱讀


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